have experienced at least one cyber risk in the past year

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Let's set the

We know parenting in this digital age is difficult. But there are steps you can take to set the standards for our children's online safety:
  • Let’s think twice about giving a mobile device to our children without proper protection and guidance.
  • We should not allow violent media and risky content to become normalized parts of our children’s consumption.
  • Let’s nurture values in children and empower them to make the right choices.

Let’s make our families digitally ready. We can improve the standards in our children’s digital lives and help them to use technology wisely. It's time to BE BETTER.

Digital Readiness

How It Works


Your Child's
Digital Safety
DQ Global Standards For Family Digital Readiness

Children take an online preliminary cyber-risk test to identify areas of concerns for parents to take note of.

  • 30-minutes assessment
  • Preliminary Child Report
  • Available in 20+ Languages


Your Family's
Digital Skills

Parents work together with their child using DQ Education tools and parent resources to improve their family skills.

  • Parent's Handbook
  • 8-Hour online DQ Education program for your child
  • Available in 9 languages


Your Family's
Digital Readiness

Parents assess themselves, get a report with their child, and can get certification as they meet the Global Standards.

  • View the Sample Report HERE

Be Better + 1

Help Another Child Be Better!

When you purchase a Family Digital Readiness Package, not only are you helping you and your child, but also giving another child in the world to access our DQ Education. For every purchase, we will open a free account for them giving them valuable resources to learn to be safe online through our #DQEveryChild movement.
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Our Social Impact

“Outstanding work in promoting digital citizenship!”

- Ms. Irina Bokov (Former UNESCO Director-General)

“An integrated multimedia play and learn experience.”

- The Lego Foundation

“The pupils definitely learnt useful cyber wellness tips from this program.”

- Ms Eugenia (Greendale Primary School)

2020 Child Online Safety Index

World's First Real-Time Measure for Child Online Safety

The Family Readiness Package was developed out of the findings of the 2020 Child Online Safety Index (COSI), where we found that parental guidance had a major influence on a child's exposure to online risk.

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